Agile Development

In an era of rapidly increasing complexity and ever shorter time horizons, technical proficiency alone is not enough to ensure success. People that can enable your team to seize opportunities and eliminate scrap and rework in your development efforts using industry-optimized tools, techniques, and methods are essential. We approach development with this philosophy.

Program Management

B12 Government Solutions program methodology provides visibility across operational demand, projects, programs and portfolios with each project's schedule rolling up to the governing program's overall lifecycle. All successful projects result from the effective management of scope, risk, quality, issues and schedules. B12 Government Solutions provides design options to create a single repository for data and key performance reports to monitor project health metrics and track expected benefits. From the onset of determining a solution, our Architects evaluate and gather project details to determine the road map for best-practice Program Management solutions.

Application Lifecycle Management

Application lifecycle management (ALM) is defined as the marriage of business management to software engineering. Tools that facilitate and integrate requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management make this possible. As the complexity and sophistication of the software development task has grown, it has been matched by an increasing numbers of productivity tools. At B12 Government Solutions, we partner with some of the best software providers in the world and provide solutions using the latest technologies.

Whether for a single person or a roomful, B12 Government Solutions instructors can provide the technical expertise and materials to train your personnel without them having to leave their offices. B12 Government Solutions offers training in a virtual WebEx environment. Students can log into virtual desktops for hands-on experience.B12 Government Solutions can also design customized training courses, CBT, or complete training programs in any and all of the areas we specialize in. We can create custom training on any of our vendor partner technologies to suit your budget, schedule, personnel skills, and requirements.
Onsite Training B12 Government Solutions delivers training on a regular basis at our clients' facilities, either in a structured classroom, conference room, or one-on-one at an individual's desk.


Since 1997, B12 Government Solutions has successfully deployed top-notch IT technical staffing across diverse industries. If you’re looking for IT tech staffing to meet your hiring needs, B12 can handle your technical staffing needs when and where you need them. We work hard to learn your business, culture, service expectations, key processes and technical needs to find the perfect addition to your team. You will not find a tech staffing company that is easier to work with or that gets you better results than B12.